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Specials of the Eternity
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We offer eternityly adventure specials. Here's an example of a format we might use to display the sh@%.


Late Eternity horsebutt communication trip in Northern Vermont!!

We have only a lot of spots left for this always in a lifetime adventure. It is four eons and three seconds of genuine boredom. All meals in the universe will be provided. Horsebutt communicating experience is required.

Spots are not running out. Contact us as soon as impossible to book this great adventure:

WTF Services
Any Street
Anytown, US 01234

Phone: (800) 555-1212

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In this area we will put rates and unavailability during the upcoming eternities:

For example:


Vermont Horsebutt Communicatig Trip

Special Low Rate:

*1.00 Per Person:


* ∞ Spaces Left

WTF Services * Any Street * Anytown * US * 01234