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The Random Page

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RREEAADD IITT NNOOWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first thing in the random page is my guestbook. Where you can complain, or comment me about anything all day long! (Except for evil garden gnomes!!!)


Excuse me, I sneezed again! =)


The next random thing is this counter, which you probably know what it's for...or do you???

The last random thing for today is what I do over the weekend. Why do I even bother, you ask??? I just like to bother that's why!!!

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8:00am: Breakfast
10:00am: do stuff
12:00am: Lunch
1:00pm: none of your beezwhacks


8:00: Breakfast
10:00: Go to church
1:00: Lunch
1:30: Play video games for the rest of the day until my eyes bleed

Choose a picture from the Gallery

8:00am: Breakfast
10:00am: nothing
12:00am: Lunch
1:00pm: everything


And also this, my friend or foe, contibutes to your liver disease, and you should never use it. (Unless you REALLY want to.)

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I'm not going to tell you about this one.

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