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This is our opportunity to describe the different adventures/acid trips/websites we offer. Here's an example of a format we might use.

Available Whackages

Getting whacked with buoyant objects!!!!!!!!!!

Choose a canoe whacking down the Charles River for a unique adventure. We offer 2, 3, and 5 day whackings. All equipment and meals are provided. No special skills needed.

Speed up life! Get whacked!!!

Canoe ride; Size=130 pixels wide


Canoe Whackings

* Charles River:
June 12, 15, 18
July 22, 27
August 12, 28

* Western River:
July 12, 20
August 14, 21

White Water Raft whackings

* Moosehead Maine:
July 12, 15, 17
August 24


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